Resin Marketing has over a decade’s experience in Search Engine Optimisation. We’ve been there through the good times and the bad, surviving the Pandas and the Penguins and repairing poorly done work by snake oil salesmen and cowboys galore. We know how to put together a thorough SEO plan to achieve your marketing goals and KPIs, and we work in a transparent way – so you always know what’s going on and when.

And now as one of the biggest potential changes to SEO in over a decade looms – we can help you. Worried about how to maximise the potential of ChatGPT and AI on SEO? Could your existing rankings and traffic be at risk? Find out what effect ChatGPT, BARD and other AI platforms will have on SEO here.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the combination of multiple techniques with the overall aim of increasing the amount of relevant organic traffic to a website. This is achieved through higher ranking positions in the search engine results, for the highest volume keywords. Successful search engine optimisation will lead to improved conversion rates and a higher ROI. In order to optimise your website correctly for search, it is vitally important to understand how search engines work and which factors are the most important, when it comes to ensuring that your website outranks your competitors.

How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimisation can be broken down into two distinct categories, on-site and off-site:

On-Site SEO

As the name suggests, on-site SEO (or on-page SEO) is the process of optimising the content and infrastructure of the pages on your website. This can include both the content and HTML code of each page, as well as templated content that appears in the header, footer or sidebar. Typically on-site SEO is improved through optimisation for relevant, high volume keywords as well as creating new and interesting content.

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO (or off-page SEO) is all about how your website is currently referred to on external websites and other online sources. Off-Site SEO is commonly improved by building high quality, relevant backlinks to your website because links serve as the strongest indicator of quality and relevancy to the search engines. A website with a higher number of quality and relevant backlinks from a well-respected domain will appear higher in the search results.

Why Does SEO Matter in 2023?

The modern age has created a civilisation that has never been more connected, with a worldwide population that is increasingly using search engines to find answers and solutions, as well as products, services and experiences. SEO is not about trying to cheat the search engines, it is instead about ensuring that your pages are optimised in order to target specific, highly relevant keywords and queries that your customers are using to find your products and services. Effective SEO can make the difference between ranking on the 1st page of the search results vs the 2nd page. If you are uncertain as to the benefit of 1st page rankings, consider the fact that only 10% of people ever look beyond the 1st page of the search results. If you are not ranking on the 1st page, you are losing out on a wealth of potential business. It is therefore essential to ensure that SEO is carried out for your website, through the creation of optimised, well-written and high value content, as well as authoritative external backlinks. Without SEO, customers won’t be able to find your site.

Factors that Influence SEO

Content Quality & Relevancy

Content is an incredibly important factor to consider in terms of SEO because it forms the basis of why a customer should want to visit your website and why the search engines should consider your site as the best answer to the search query. It is vital that your content is not only high in quality (unique, well-written, valuable and interesting), it also needs to be highly relevant.


Backlinks are an indication of the popularity of your website and search engines will give more credit to websites that have a higher number of high quality backlinks, rewarding those websites with higher search engine ranking positions. It is important to remember that the quality of the external backlinks offer the real value in terms of SEO, rather than the total number.

Page Speed

Page speed is a vital factor when it comes to SEO, with Google suggesting that the speed of a website is considered as one of the key signals used by its ranking algorithm. Furthermore, poor page speed will result in an unsatisfactory user experience and a dissatisfied potential customer. A fast website with a load of time of just a few seconds will satisfy both your users and the search engines alike. We specialise in delivering high speed scores and passing Core Web Vitals tests.

Website Security

Website security has never been more important, with secure certificates (SSL) acting as a powerful trust signal to the search engines that your site can be trusted above other competitors.

Local SEO

Local is the process of making your site very relevant for local geographical searches, so that you come up in map results or when a location is used as a keyword. Our local SEO strategy relies on Google’s NAP directive – Name, Address and Phone Number – ensuring that these are standardized across all online properties. AS part of your local SEO strategy we will manage and optimise your Google My Business profile and ensure you appear in other powerful business directories as well as carry out local linkbuilding.

International SEO

If your business or corporation is global is extremely important to differentiate the content across multiple websites in a number of ways including domain strategy, H Ref Lang tags and language considerations. Doing this will ensure you fall foul of Google’s anti-duplicate content algorithms.

Why Resin Marketing for your SEO?

SEO is an unregulated industry – which is why finding trustworthy and reliable suppliers is paramount. Resin is happy to provide glowing references and thorough case studies across a number of verticals, everything from ecommerce and events to fitness and beauty. Check them out here. Your search campaign will be split into three important phases – technical (site and domain hygiene and health), on page (content, keywords and meta-data) and off page (building site authority and trust through linkbuilding, social signals and local SEO). We can also help you optimise for all search engines – primarily Google but also Bing and other foreign language platforms with our international SEO service. We use the most renowned SEO tools in the business to track and manage your campaigns – Moz, Search Console, SEM Rush, Ahrefs and more. For really big projects we can use industry leading software like Deepcrawl too. Anything is possible based on your needs!

By following our tried and tested process of identifying opportunity, defining goals and creating a road map to success, we’re confident you’ll be very happy with our affordable, customisable SEO packages.

Our SEO Package

Our comprehensive SEO package includes the following:

  • Goal Set up in GA and Tag Manager Keyword Research Plan (Ranking and Competitor analysis to define opportunities and KPIs)
  • On page optimisation x 3 (meta-data, header tags & content optimization on 3 key pages)
  • Linkbuilding x 5 (links from other high domain authority sites to your key pages)
  • Technical audit and recommendations (a document of quick fixes to be fed into your development team which will improve your SEO).
  • Keyword tracking of 10-20 keywords

Cost – £750 per month with an initial 3 month contract.

SEO takes time but the results are long term! Contact us today to find out more. We can of course create a bespoke SEO package for you depending on your needs.