There’s no money in free advertising

Our Pay Per Click expertise extends to Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Bing and Facebook ads. We’ll create a campaign strategy backed by highly targeted audiences and demographics enabling you to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. Examples of this may be with bid adjustments set to capitalise on your call centre hours, your busiest times of day or your shiny new mobile friendly website.

We’ll ensure that you never pay more for a click than you need to, and that a range of ad text with irresistible Call To Actions is tested to see which performs best. It may be that you just want to set up a retargeting campaign to ensure that anyone who has visited, but left, your website without making a purchase or a contact is reengaged. When done incorrectly this type of advertising is irritating at best – when done correctly it can be immensely powerful.

What’s our approach to PPC?

We’ll take a holistic view of your ad campaigns so that we’re not wasting money. Why send ad traffic to sub standard landing pages? It makes sense to invest in your website and content first, making it the very best it can be before you invest in ad campaigns. Therefore our other core offering services of SEO and CRO are strongly linked with PPC. At the same time PPC activity is a great way to test which keywords are best for SEO from a conversion perspective.

All our campaigns start with your objectives, followed by keyword and competitor research and a budget forecast. We have many different ways of bringing your message to market and will work with you to craft innovative and compelling campaigns.

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Our SEM Package includes

  • Goal set up in GA and Tag Manager
  • Keyword research
  • Plan (Budget forecasting, KPI objectives with CPA and ROI targets)
  • Responsive search ad creation x 6
  • Display ad creation x 5
  • 4 x ad extensions (links to other site pages)
  • 1 x call extension
  • 1 x video ad campaign creation (if you have existing video content)
  • 1 x PPC landing page build

Cost (excluding assets) – £1000 (or 15% of overall spend depending on the size of the campaign and project).

For certain projects we may point you in the direction of a superb paid agency we work with called Launch Online