Trust us with your email marketing campaigns

Emails, hate or loathe them, are a part of daily life. So despite your potential customer being bombarded by all and sundry, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it too, though with more tact of course. Email marketing is actually the best potential ROI tool in a company’s digital marketing arsenal. Not only is it relatively cheap, over time you can implement a successful personalised strategy which benefits you and the customer, potentially turning a customer into an advocate. This might mean over time you can achieve a £50 pound return on every £1 spent.

What are the main components of Email Marketing?

Whether it’s MailChimp or another chosen system, the principles are the same:

  • Make sure your comply with GDPR*
  • Segment your email address list into as many different niches as you can
  • AB test your titles to a portion of your audience
  • AB / multivariate your content to a portion of your audience
  • AB test your timing
  • Send relevant and personal emails to all your segments (the right content to the right person at the right time, even if it’s just a slight change of one form that you send to all)
  • Evaluate performance and learn
  • If you can track within a CRM/mail system then so much the better

Now this is just the start as you need to nurture this audience and segmentation will constantly change. For example, do you have repeat customers you can offer a discount or more information to? Do you have repeat shoppers who often abandon their basket but might buy with a helpful basket reminder or a 10% off promotion?

B2B or B2C?

B2B or B2C offer the same opportunities to nurture relationships and become a valued brand to a customer with emails that share useful information, provide the latest and best in market and potentially campaignable discounts.

What does an email marketing campaign cost?

Costs – emails are best sent as part of a campaign and depend on size or growth of database, prices start from as little as £500 per month excluding system costs (with creative being looked after in house or outsourced).

*Critical to remember is to get permission to use email addresses onsite or through other channels – failure to comply with GDPR is a company’s responsibility and those not being vigilant are likely to receive hefty fines.