Trust us with your ecommerce marketing campaigns

Ecommerce comes in many forms and just as many different processes to get a customer to purchase. Thankfully, due to our decade long experience in this sector we have come across most: from an Open-Source wood ornament based Devonshire start up; to a UK wide SiteCore based insurance specialist; all the way to an International Gig Ticket selling business. All have their nuances, problems and different CRMs and CMS’s. However, the one thing that brings them all together is their need for a low Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) and a good return on investment (ROI).

What does ecommerce marketing involve?

Other than managing a system itself with the need to feed into APIs and further customer engagement platforms, there is a need to provide an excellent User Experience (UX) which severs a customers search or enquiry best. Once they have found a product with all the descriptions and details required to place it in a basket, they need a seamless process to buy or pay with as little fuss as possible. Many ecommerce businesses get this wrong, with lengthy detail requirements making basket abandonment a real risk factor. Without solving this a business often ends up relying on their Amazon selling strategy with a hefty fee denting ROI.

It doesn’t need to be this way though, with all the different tactics a business spends on bringing a potential customer to their site, some subtle tweaks can lower basket abandonment and drive up return.

A key part of managing an ecommerce business is understanding that the work is never done, it is a constant battle to be ahead of, or at least alongside, your competitors. Mobile responsive site speed, improved product descriptions and meta data for your SEO and PPC ads, adjusting purchase UX to better serve a customer all needs constant tweaking as the difference of a couple of percent can mean a large change in margins.

Our ecommerce marketing package

Our ecommerce support package involves, testing, analysis and monthly management:

  • UX testing and recommended changes
  • SEO and Gap Analysis and Management
  • PPC Analysis and Management
  • Acquisition strategy
  • CRM Management
  • CMS Management

Costs – can vary on the size of stock, size of staff support and ambitions for speed to change and therefore we recommend a custom package that can be as lean as you want it to be.

The following are some ecommerce projects with have worked on in conjunction with this Bristol marketing agency SONDR