Analytics are the foundation for everything that we do in digital marketing and Resin uses a data based approach to making critical business decisions.

But how reliable is your data? Getting accurate web based information is notoriously tricky if you have a complex site as third party applications, javascript and sub domain structures can all make analytics implementation less than straightforward.

What type of analytics support is available?

At Resin we have advanced Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager expertise, and working knowledge of the other major analytics players such as Mixpanel and Adobe. We’re also experienced with heat-mapping, UX and A/B testing tools such as VWO, Optimizely, Hot Jar, Inspectlet and more.

Once we have defined your goals and set a campaign in place, we’ll audit your existing analytics set up (or if you don’t have one, plan a new one in from scratch) to guarantee accuracy of reporting. That allows us to know if the approach is working and quickly change tack if we need to.

We’ll ensure that your structure, filters, view setting, account linking and goals are all clean and clear. We can also set up dashboards or Google Data Studio reports so that you can see important business metrics at a glance and updated in real time.

Contact us today for all your analytics needs.