At Resin we love a good barter and that’s why we were happy to provide SEO services to Tonic Menswear London in return for some stylish new threads! This trendy boutique in Portobello Road, London, has been kitting out British males in the finest garments for decades.

Portobello Road is the home of one of London’s most iconic markets and our aim is to make the Tonic UK website an online destination and drive a lot more sales, hopefully in time for Christmas 2021 and the Boxing Day and New Year Sales. Toni specialises in jeans, jackets, shoes and knitwear from desirable brands like Hartford shirts, Fujito Clothing and Colorful Standard.

After conducting an SEO audit and keyword research to find that the site has a strong domain authority but no on page SEO we have delved into writing meta data for category and brand pages, as well as writing new content for brand and sale pages and fixing a number of broken links.