Email marketing is a fairly simple concept – you select your audience, tailor the message to them and then refine your modes of communication till you get the best possible result. In practical terms that can mean split testing subject lines and experimenting with different amounts of copy and images.

If you want to learn about email marketing there’s a million blogs out there on best practice with tips and tricks. But if you want a fun way to learn about email marketing, you could just as easily start with what not to do – by delving into your spam tray and picking out some of the worst messages.

We’ve all received a version of that message from the wealthy prince in a wartorn country who needs a safe bank account to place his inheritance in. I’ve seen some really good concepts in my time which are almost always let down by poor grammar and bad delivery. Maybe that’s the business idea of the future – teaching con artists how to write a decent email. And that brings us neatly to lesson one.

1)      Good grammar is priceless

Why would I buy something from a company if they can’t spell something correctly? Even worse, many of them don’t even spell my name correctly. That’s an instant turn off, like kissing someone who’s just eaten garlic bread. Proof read your email a couple of times. Use spell check. Learn the difference between its and it’s. Hell, even get Grammarly if you have to.

2)      Cadence

An email reads very differently if it’s the third email from a company that you have received that week. My spam box is full of emails from trigger happy companies and scammers. With digital technology, care should be taken not to bombard people with automated messages – especially as they can receive so many different types of email – newsletter, transactional etc. Set a frequency cap on your emails per individual and they’ll be much less likely to unsubscribe.

3)      Don’t make empty promises

Trying to get someone to fill out a ‘short’ survey and then packing it with questions is irritating, idiotic and downright disrespectful. If valuing people’s time is at the forefront of your mind with every piece of marketing comms, everything will go much smoother. A typical scammers email is invariably too long and it goes without saying that it won’t keep its promises.

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