Insurance is generally perceived to be an industry that needs real disruption and we couldn’t agree more. However, what if an ambitious business is desperate to be disruptive and has a unique set of products, but can’t develop because of legacy systems? How then do they break free, how do they move forward?

For Thistle Insurance’s brand of Guard products (cycleGuard, musicGuard, petGuard and photoGuard) – this was not the immediate concern. 10 year old sites* with poor UX, that were non mobile responsive and uneditable –  hitting business targets was going to be an uphill battle.

*The new websites have since been launched, and we have helped the company to enjoy a smooth digital migration through this intense period of business transition


Not afraid of a challenge we sought to increase revenue for all the Guard products. With competitors discounting continually and tearing into the substantial ‘book’ of the brands, we had to try and reinvent the customer experience. Through PPC we couldn’t risk directly pointing to some of the sites’ Landing Pages as there was no ability to optimise them. So we had to create Unbounce pages using subdomains for the day-to-day process entry and a headless CMS for campaigns to transform the experience for the potential customer. Using engaging videos for competitions on these new platforms allowed the customer to interact before going through the standard purchase journey and made it possible to optimise the content to drive down the Cost-Per-Click based on audience activity.

What we managed

  • A £30k a month PPC media budget
  • A headless CMS build and integration
  • Provided analytics and reporting
  • Coordinated with BI teams to better inform performance within the business
  • Managed content generation and SEO
  • Led social media strategy, grew affiliate influencers
  • Led campaigns and supported offline marketing tactics
  • Managed and led web development of new guard websites (due late 2019)


Increased unique user traffic by 45% in first year for cycleGuard (2017)

PPC product conversions up 11% YoY (2018)