Protom Fitness is a personal training and Thai kickboxing instructor based in the Bristol and Bath area. He has multiple gym locations and offers a wide range of group and 1-to-1 classes with an emphasis on getting fit and having fun.

Tom Lakos the business owner knew that he could be getting more out of his PPC accounts and asked Resin Marketing to look after his Adwords and Bing ads accounts.


The results were quite staggering. After the initial six months there was a point at which the ads had to be paused because they were generating so many new business enquiries that Tom was struggling to deal with the demand. Tom asks all his customers how they heard about him – so that reinforced the enquiry tracking we had put in place and filled out even more leads from assisted conversions (seeing a Google ad first then searching organically).

Resin audited the original ads set up that was in place and found it to be badly lacking with poorly written text ads and broad match keywords which meant he was paying for clicks on irrelevant terms like ‘pilates’ and ‘yoga’. This audit resulted in an increase in impression share and a dominance of the local search results to go with Tom’s excellent marketing work on other areas of his business such as Facebook and email.

We then supercharged the ad set up even more by carrying out on page SEO on the pages which we were driving ad traffic to, the improve the quality score, lower the cost per click and generally increase relevance.